Tips for Running a Convention Game

Locally, September is when the two primary gaming conventions in the area happen.  It’s a great time to get together with friends (well you know…when it’s not 2020) and play some games with people who all share the same love of the hobby. Running an RPG at a convention though is not the same as running your home game.  Just […]

My Favorite Systems

Many folks have a favorite game and often if you ask them what their favorite system is, they’ll default to the game.  Shadowrun!  Warhammer!  D&D!!  That’s all well and good but none of those are examples of a system.  They definitely have rules and mechanics and crunch (sometimes too much crunch) but I don’t think you can really call something […]

Being a (Better) Player

There’s a fair number of blogs and videos about being a good player, or a better player or a great player.  This is merely the things that I’ve noticed in my  decades as a GM that make a player stand out (in a good way), make the game more entertaining and/or make my job as the GM easier.  It’s by […]

Ancestry Mechanics in Fantasy Games

Back in June WOTC announced changes to how various races were portrayed in D&D.  While much of this comes down to presentation and RP by making your various peoples multifaceted and nuanced and not reliant on tropes and stereotypes, the old standbys of “racial bonuses” and “racial abilities” is what we’re going to look at here.  Specifically how it’s handled […]

Ask the GMs

We here at Crucible Gaming Group have an extensive background in RPGs and Board Games and as with most gamers we like to talk shop. Whether it’s the no shit there I was stories we tell at conventions or “discussions” about best games, we like to share. So if you have any questions or thoughts for us to ruminate on […]