Wild Talents Campaign – The War

Some background to the Wild Talents game I’ll be running shortly.  The goal here is to sum up, relatively quickly, what the characters would know about the initial assault and what sort of games the players can expect. The Initial Assault Until January 1 2020, Earth suspected that they weren’t alone in the universe but there was no definitive proof.  […]

Wild Talents – The Invaders

Just in case people are following along sequentially.  I’ve decided on a 250 point campaign but completely removed the Booster Extra to stop things from getting ludicrous.  It’s a potential issue in a game system that lets you emulate both street level and cosmic level. Naming the Invaders Oh my god do I hate naming things.  I always look at […]

Into the Fire

So having mulled it over in my brain for a few days I’ve decided that of the two ideas that had equal votes from my players I’m going to go with the super powered resistance vs. alien invader campaign.  Partially because I’ve been wondering how to do a Strikeforce Morituri game for the last little while and partially because it’s […]

Building a Campaign

Limitless Buffet I am a firm believer that campaigns have finite lifespans, either because the characters have achieved max level, the players have no more stories to tell in that world or that things just start to feel flat.  While there do exist long term, multi-generational campaigns my thought is always…why?  There are so many games out there, so many […]