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Wild Talents Campaign – The War

Wild Talents Campaign – The War

Some background to the Wild Talents game I’ll be running shortly.  The goal here is to sum up, relatively quickly, what the characters would know about the initial assault and what sort of games the players can expect.

The Initial Assault

Until January 1 2020, Earth suspected that they weren’t alone in the universe but there was no definitive proof.  That changed suddenly and violently.  Without warning, several massive alien ships were detected at the very edge of the solar system and they were moving quickly.  In a matter of hours and before humanity could do much to defend themselves they  arrived.
There was no petition for peace.  No “take me to your leader” speech.  These enormous ships disgorged thousands of smaller vessels into the atmosphere.  Earth’s military scrambled what defenses they could but they were completely outclassed in terms of speed, firepower and numbers.  While humans fought alien invaders for the first time, the larger ships launched some sort of chemical into the atmosphere that broke the will of most humans, turning them in to easily enslaved drones.  The entire battle for earth lasted 28 minutes. 
Once the limited military resistance was broken and the majority of humanity was reduced to near mindless drone, the alien ships landed and began their systemic strip mining operations.  Across the world these strange insectoid beings used their new slaves to mine a variety of precious metals, minerals and other compounds.  The intent is clear, to mine everything possible from the planet before leaving it a husk and moving on.

The Resistance

Not every human succumbed to the chemicals in the atmosphere, some simply retained their free will while in others it initiated unforeseen changes in the genetic structure.  Reports of people fighting the invaders traveled via word of mouth and some of these tales included reports of individuals with abilities straight out of comic books and movies.  

What remained of the United Nations, now reduced to a small council with exceptionally limited resources began actively recruiting these individuals.  Recruited “hyperbrains”, whose genetically modified brains were capable of scientific breakthroughs on an unprecedented scale, formed a think tank and advised the resistance council.  The first few Talent Resistance missions focused on capturing alien technology which could be studied and reconfigured and then used by the resistance.   This, in turn, made resistance strikes more viable, which netted more advantages.  In 16 months the complete rout of Earth began to turn around and striking back became more and more common and organized.

Strike Team Names

As Talents became more and more prevalent the comic books like powers combined with the military penchant for giving code names to everything synchronized perfectly.  Talent Resistance members tend to have colorful code-names to help hide their identities and keep any friends or family safe from reprisal.  The Brovax aren’t mindless and do have some human (and even Talent allies (there’s always some who are only out for themselves) who could be used to strike back should care not be taken.

Types of Games

It’s always good to know what sort of game is planned.  In this case it is very much a mission oriented campaign.  It’s not a drama about the every day lives of the people in the Resistance but very much an X-Com with superpowers sort of thing.  As such the types of games will be things you’d find in a military campaign – scouting enemy troops, disrupting supply lines, rescuing civilians, engaging enemy forces, taking strategic targets, eliminating enemy leadership etc.  One of the big advantages here is that I can use some of the things from Godlike (which is WW2 with low level powers) to form adventure hooks. 

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