Greetings, Traveler. You’ve been recruited by
Stargate Command (SGC) to defend the galaxy
against the Goa’uld System Lords. Stationed at
the secret Phoenix Site, you now embark upon
your training within the Stargate program.
Each adventure through the Stargate opens a
journey to known and unknown worlds where
the future of civilizations may be decided.
Your decision to join our cause is greatly
appreciated by the Tau’ri and the people of the
Milky Way galaxy.

Anubis’s reappearance has caused a great deal of strife among the System Lords and a great deal of casualties to Stargate Command and its allies.  Now a secret offsite base is venturing forth through the gate to recruit new allies – Unas, Jaffa, To’kra and others – to stand in defiance against the oppressionof the Goa’uld.

Phoenix-2 is oneof the teams assigned to this mission but they have stumbled into something else – the potential return of a Goa’uld whose power could rival Anubis.