Stargate RPG Review

The last time there was a Stargate RPG was back in 2003 (!) when  AEG released a game based on Spycraft.  It was…okay…ish.  Now, nearly two decades later there’s a new Stargate RPG and it’s time to see if this one is up to the task. When I saw the kickstarter announcement it came out of nowhere.  As far as […]

Fallout 2d20 Review

Just for disclosure – I was involved in the playtesting of this game starting from the first Beta and have been running an ongoing campaign using those rules while we waited for the final release. There’s now an official Fallout tabletop RPG from the folks at Modiphius who’ve previously brought us Star Trek Adventures, Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed […]

Sentinel Comics RPG

The Sentinel Comics RPG from Greater Than Good Games is a new super hero game set in the universe of their Sentinels of the Multiverse Card Game.  I think I would more accurately describe it as a super-hero comics RPG rather than the less specific “super-hero game”.  While the core book lacks any information regarding a specific setting there’s still […]

Alien RPG

Alien RPG Review The Alien RPG is a new game set in the world of space truckers, colonial marines, nefarious androids, evil corporations and deadly, deadly Xenomorphs. It is a licensed game which is always a crap shoot in my opinion. Some properties just don’t make for good RPGs and sometimes the game producers don’t do a very good job […]