Wild Talents – The Invaders

Just in case people are following along sequentially.  I’ve decided on a 250 point campaign but completely removed the Booster Extra to stop things from getting ludicrous.  It’s a potential issue in a game system that lets you emulate both street level and cosmic level. Naming the Invaders Oh my god do I hate naming things.  I always look at […]

Into the Fire

So having mulled it over in my brain for a few days I’ve decided that of the two ideas that had equal votes from my players I’m going to go with the super powered resistance vs. alien invader campaign.  Partially because I’ve been wondering how to do a Strikeforce Morituri game for the last little while and partially because it’s […]

Sentinel Comics RPG

The Sentinel Comics RPG from Greater Than Good Games is a new super hero game set in the universe of their Sentinels of the Multiverse Card Game.  I think I would more accurately describe it as a super-hero comics RPG rather than the less specific “super-hero game”.  While the core book lacks any information regarding a specific setting there’s still […]

Sentinels of the Multiverse Issue Summaries

Sentinel Comics RPG is one of the few games I get to play in and our awesome GM Tony has taken our randomly generated characters and our weirdness and run with it.  He’s also kind enough to put together issue summaries at the end of each issue. These are the stories that encapsulate our first “Collection” where we meet our […]